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This is a business matching site for distributing widely in Japan and abroad information about KEIHANNA Science City and for responding to our “With Covid” Age by providing a business talks function to link up with registered companies/organizations. You can make inquiries to and hold online discussions with companies/organizations that are registered with KEIHANNA Science City.

About KEIHANNA Science City

KEIHANNA Science City is a common way to refer to Kansai Science City. Since Kansai Science City is located in a hilly district where the borders of the three prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara come together, Keihanna combines names for all three in Kei-han-na. It is only 30–40 minutes away from downtown Osaka and Kyoto. Not only is its location very convenient to these big cities, it has a high concentration of advanced research and cultural facilities. The community, nestled between the Ikoma Mountain Chain and the Kizu River, is in an area rich in greenery and other abundant nature, as well as historical and cultural assets.

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